Alec Baldwin Considering Playing Trump Beyond ‘SNL’

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Alec Baldwin said he is considering playing President-elect Donald Trump outside of “Saturday Night Live.”

Speaking Wednesday to ABC News, the 58-year-old actor talked about playing the president-elect since last year and how he plans to continue doing so even outside of “SNL.” Though he kept the details of what the possible project he was working  on close to his vest. (EPIC FAIL: Alec Baldwin Attempts To Mock Trump, Fails Miserably)


“I’m gonna do [‘Saturday Night Live’] as much as I can,” Baldwin said. “And there’s discussions about other venues we might pursue to further express our gratitude and admiration for the Trump administration.”(RELATED: Alec Baldwin: ‘I Don’t Hate Donald Trump’)

“We just sit back and we look at Twitter, we read the news and we go, ‘There it is,'” he added. “And we probably should be, according to the WGA [Writers Guild of America], be giving Trump some writing credits for what he’s done for us.”

“We’re just gonna sit back and just let the good times roll.”

The actor has also confirmed he will play Trump on “SNL” the day after he is sworn in as president.

“We’re going to play [Trump] the day after the inauguration,” Baldwin told Extra. “[I’m] doing SNL the day after the inauguration.”

Trump has voiced his displeasure with the “SNL” in general, telling Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today” show recently that the skits are “terrible” and the show just isn’t “funny.”

“Well, I hosted ‘SNL’ when it was a good show, but it’s not a good show any more,” Trump explained. “Nothing to do with me — there’s nothing funny about it. The skits are terrible.”

“I mean, I like Alec [Baldwin], but his imitation of me is really mean-spirited and not very good,” he added. “I don’t think it’s good. I do like him, and I like him as an actor, but I don’t think his imitation of me gets me at all. And it’s meant to be very mean-spirited, which is very biased. I don’t like it. So I can tweet that out.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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