Garth Brooks Has A Message For America Under Our New President

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Country singer Garth Brooks is unable to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration due to a scheduling conflict, but he has a positive message for the president-elect’s administration.

Garth Brooks was approached about performing the inauguration, but ultimately declined an offer. (Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

The country star explained on Facebook Live Monday that he was unable to attend the inauguration after adding several conflicting dates to his ongoing tour. Brooks also offered a positive message about both President Obama and President-elect Trump, Fox News reports.

“I’ll tell you with this whole presidential thing: We got one going out. Pray for him and his family. And for the president going in, pray for him and his family to guide this nation,” the country singer said.

“Let’s stay together. Love, unity — that’s what it’s all about,” he added.

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Jamie Gilliam)

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Jamie Gilliam)

“We can’t thank the Obamas enough for serving this country,” Brooks continued. “And may God hold Trump’s hand in the decisions that he makes in this country’s name as well.”

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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