Norm MacDonald Has The Best Take Yet On Why Trump Beat Clinton

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Norm MacDonald has a great take on why Hillary Clinton lost to President-elect Donald Trump.

On Monday, the 57-year-old comedian went on an epic rant on Twitter where he called out the Democrats for coronating Clinton and encouraged everyone to stop hating people who voted for Trump. (RELATED: Why EVERYONE In America Will Soon Love Trump — Explained By Norm Macdonald [VIDEO])

Rob Schneider poses for a photo with Norm Macdonald (Getty Images)

Rob Schneider poses for a photo with Norm Macdonald (Getty Images)

“There are many, many reasons Hillary did not win, but I think the chief problem was that the Democratic party coronated her,” MacDonald tweeted.

“Hillary should never have been the nominee. She became the nominee due to the type of Tammany Hall politics the democratic voter could see,” he added.

“The country was ready for a change, both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans chose an agent of change, the Democrats were blocked,” he continued.

Katie Jerkovich



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