This Hat Sums Up What Will Make Hockey Great Again

David Hookstead | Contributor

A fan at a Dallas Stars game spotted a man wearing perhaps the greatest hat in the history of sports.

Twitter user “OrbitalSpark” tweeted out a photo of a man wearing a “Make Hockey Violent Again.”

He explained the situation with the tweet, “Won free tickets to a hockey game and this guy sat down in front of me, 10/10.” (SLIDESHOW: 12 Times Kristine Leahy Looked Absolutely Stunning)

Allowing more fights and brutal hits in hockey is something that everybody should be able to get behind.

The last few years when Barack Obama was president the rules started getting stricter, which resulted in the game losing some edge. However, we’re all living in President Trump’s America now, and that means it’s time to crank this back up. (SLIDESHOW: 13 Times Paulina Gretzky Looked Absolutely Incredible)

Make hockey violent again indeed.

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David Hookstead



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