People Are Mad At Ivanka Trump. All She Did Was Post This One Photo.

Smoke Room Staff | Contributor

Ivanka Trump came under fire over the weekend after she posted a photo of her wearing a black-tie ensemble.

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

The president’s 35-year-old daughter wore a $5,000 silver Caroline Herrera gown at the Alfalfa Dinner that she attended with her husband Jared Kushner at the Capital Hilton in Washington Saturday night.

Though Ivanka frequently posts photos on Instagram, critics quickly lambasted her for posting such a glitzy photo just hours after her father signed an executive order temporarily halting immigration from some countries. Some of them even compared her to Marie Antoinette. (RELATED: Donald Trump Defends His Executive Order: ‘This Is Not A Muslim Ban’)

Some people saw nothing wrong with the photo.

Smoke Room Staff



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