Ryan Leaf: Seeing Johnny Manziel Is Like Looking Into A Mirror

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf believes that Johnny Manziel needs professional help.

“I told people a year ago at the Super Bowl that some of the antics and behaviors, it’s like holding up a mirror for me. And it’s important for me to see that because I understand what was there for me to have happen if I continued down that path. I’m happy to hear some of the things that I’m hearing lately. I’m a little concerned there was no professional intervention because I know there’s no way I could have gotten through all the things I got through without professional help. More power to him if that’s the case,” Leaf told Clay Travis Wednesday during an appearance on his radio show. (SLIDESHOW: Johnny Manziel‘s Sister Loves Showing Off Lots Of Skin)


Leaf flunked out of the NFL after numerous off-field-issues, some of which involved substance abuse. Manziel missed the entire last season, and there have been claims that he also suffered from substance abuse problems. (SLIDESHOW: Johnny Manziel‘s Rumored Girlfriend Barely Wears Anything On Instagram)

However, the Heisman winner at Texas A&M claims he is now sober and focused on returning to professional football.

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