You Gotta Hear Lane Kiffin’s Excuse For That Horrific Hype Video

David Hookstead | Reporter

Lane Kiffin claims his FAU hype video was made poorly in an attempt to draw attention to the program.

Kiffin filmed a 30-second video for the football program, and it looked like there was a firing squad off-screen forcing him to read a script. SLIDESHOW: Johnny  Manziel’s Sister Loves Showing Off Lots Off Skin)


According to Owl Access, “Kiffin says the Hype Video was done poorly on purpose to generate attention.” (SLIDESHOW: Celebrate College Basketball With These Sexy Cheerleaders)

Hilarious excuse. No football coach who takes himself seriously would ever openly mock whatever pathetic program he was coaching. Kiffin has fallen harder and faster than anybody could ever have imagined. He literally looks like a man marching to his own funeral, and that’s putting it nicely.

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David Hookstead



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