Lena Dunham On Trump Presidency: ‘I Stopped Being Able To Eat Food’

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Lena Dunham said after Donald Trump won the election she “stopped being able to eat food.”

During an interview Monday on “The Howard Stern Show,” the 30-year-old actress blamed her recent weight loss on Trump and called the results of the election “soul-crushing,” according to Entertainment Weekly(RELATED: INSPIRING: Lena Dunham Leaves Paul Ryan A Voicemail)

Lena Dunham

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“Donald Trump became president and I stopped being able to eat food,” Dunham told Stern. “Everyone’s been asking like, ‘’What have you been doing?’ And I’m like, ‘Try soul-crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness and you, too, will lose weight.'”(RELATED: Lena Dunham Takes After Her Mom: ‘I Still Haven’t Had An Abortion, But I Wish I Had’)

“He [Trump] said I was a B-list actor with no mojo,” she added.

Stern then pressed the “Girls” star if she thinks it’s a mistake for the president to pay attention to celebrities.

“Here’s the funny thing,” Dunham answered. “Of course, it’s a mistake, but we’re talking about him like he’s a person who is operating in a sane way. “We’re talking about him like a person who doesn’t have a personality disorder.”

The actress also addressed her vow to move to Canada if Trump won and clarified that she never thought it was a possibility, calling it “an impossible joke” that she thought “would never happen.”

“The most qualified candidate we’ve ever had is running against a steak salesman,” Dunham said. “We’re going to be fine.”

After the election, Dunham said that she was one of “millions of women” that were terrified about what will happen to their “reproductive” rights under Trump’s administration.

Dunham was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter during the election and even spoke on behalf of the former secretary of state during the Democratic National Convention.

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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