Everybody Thinks This NFL Team Will Sign Johnny Manziel

David Hookstead | Reporter

Speculation is growing that the Houston Texans might be the best fit for Johnny Manziel’s return to the NFL.

Two FanSide writers both made convincing cases as to why the Texans should take a chance on the Texas A&M Heisman winner. (SLIDESHOW: Johnny Manziel‘s Sister Loves Showing Off Lots Of Skin)

Paul Jackiewicz wrote in part:

If Manziel were to sign with Houston, he would at least be back in his home state and closer to family and friends that can support him in his new life of sobriety.

When it comes to Manziel’s talent, he didn’t play that bad for the Browns while abusing alcohol and drugs. Imagine how good he could be with his life on the straight and narrow as he puts in the hard work to be the best NFL quarterback he can be.


Fellow FanSide writer Randy Gurzi echoed Jackiewicz’s sentiments that the Texans should pull the trigger on Manziel. (SLIDESHOW: Johnny Manziel‘s Rumored Girlfriend Barely Wears Anything On Instagram)

He wrote in part:

Should Houston give him a chance, it may accomplish at least one thing. His arrival might make Osweiler realize how desperate the team is to get better play. Such a move could provide him with the motivation he needs to make a jump before the 2017 season.

Only time will tell if Manziel is playing in Houston come the start of the 2017 NFL season.

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