Rapper Receives Three Years Of Probation For Threatening To Kill A Cop

Ford Springer | Contributor

Los Angeles-based rapper The Game got off easy in court on Monday for hitting a police officer, threatening to kill him and stealing a camera from a photographer.

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

The Game, whose legal name is Joycean Terrell Taylor, faced two misdemeanor charges of criminal threats and battery, along with one felony count of grand theft, Page Six reports. Taylor plead no contest to the charges and was sentenced to three years probation, four months of community service and mandatory anger management classes.

Taylor was playing in a basketball game in March of 2015 when he intentionally fouled and then hit a police officer who was playing for the other team. The cop stole the ball from Taylor and scored causing the rapper to get angry and even threaten to kill him before being thrown out of the game by a referee.

(Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images)

A few weeks later a photographer filmed Taylor being served legal documents in relation to the basketball game incident. Taylor then attacked the photographer, stole his camera and refused to return it.

Ford Springer



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