Mocking Trump Gives ‘SNL’ Highest Ratings In 22 Years

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

The ratings for season 42 of “Saturday Night Live” are the highest they have been in 22 years.

The show has spent the last season mocking President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and several members of the Trump administration, and it has meant big money for NBC, with ratings up 22 percent over last year at this same time, according to the Huffington Post(RELATED: Here’s How Sean Spicer Reacted To His ‘SNL’ Sketch)

Saturday Night Live

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“SNL” is doing better than it did all eight years under Barack Obama’s presidency. It hasn’t seen these kind of numbers since the 1994-1995 season, when people like Mike Myers were part of the cast. (RELATED: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks White House With Sean Spicer Sketch)

During the general election, mock debates between Trump and Hillary Clinton were commonplace, and this season overall viewership has gone up 19 percent among the coveted demographic of 18 to 49-year-olds. Last Saturday, the show mocked Trump, his press secretary Sean Spicer and his top advisor Steve Bannon.

That show was the second biggest one of the entire week on the network.

Trump has been vocal in his criticism of “SNL,” via Twitter, calling it everything from “terrible” to “one-sided.”

[email protected] is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television,” Trump tweeted.


“I watched parts of @nbcsnl Saturday Night Live last night. It is a totally one-sided, biased show – nothing funny at all. Equal time for us,” he added.

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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