Chevy Chase Calls Trump ‘An A**’: He’s ‘Hurting Our Country’

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Chevy Chase called President Donald Trump an “ass” and said Friday he is “hurting our country.”

During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the 73-year-old actor praised Alec Baldwin for his “accurate” impersonation of Trump and said that “Saturday Night Live” was trying to make Trump “look like an ass.” (RELATED: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks President Trump’s Calls With Foreign Leaders In Cold Opener [VIDEO])

“That is exactly what Lorne [Michaels] is trying to do, make him look like an ass because he is one, for God sake,” Chase said. “He’s an ass, and he is looking like an ass and hurting our country.” (RELATED: Trump On ‘Saturday Night Live’: ‘It’s A Terrible Show’)

“Trump’s a tough guy to spoof,” he added. “Now, I am not trying to compare Alec and myself — there is no comparison, I am much better looking–but the way I dealt with it was make no attempt to look anything or sound anything like Gerald Ford. I just wrote the stuff that was funny and then would be clumsy when it was the right time.”

Chase also praised “SNL’s” show last week, where Melissa McCarthy played press secretary Sean Spicer going insane on the media.

“For me, that was the best skit in what was a great show [last week],” Chase said. “I didn’t know who the hell she was at first, then I realized and oh my God. I am sure it affected Spicer a lot.”

The actor didn’t hide the fact that he played a Ford in an unflattering light, when he was on the show, in hopes it would help Jimmy Carter get elected.

“Here’s a guy who, unbeknownst to himself, is clumsy,” Chase said. “That was just funny to me, like this is him punishing himself for being a Republican. I thought, ‘This [clumsiness] is funny and whatever I can do to get [Jimmy] Carter elected, by God I am going to do it.'”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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