This Topless Photo Of The Newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Would Make Anyone Do A Complete 180

Smoke Room Staff | Contributor

Myla Dalbesio is making waves.

(Photo: Sports Illustrated/Ben Watts)

(Photo: Sports Illustrated/Ben Watts)

The model is one of seven rookies featured in the 2017 edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. In one of her first photos in the magazine, Dalbesio poses topless on the beach while wearing only swimsuit bottoms.

“This has been a goal of mine for a decade, and I am so proud to have gotten here,” Dalbesio said of the opportunity.

“I hope that this can be an example for other women to continue to stand strong in their convictions and not be afraid to use their voice.”

A photo posted by MYLA DALBESIO (@myladalbesio) on

A photo posted by MYLA DALBESIO (@myladalbesio) on

Smoke Room Staff



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