Clay Travis: People Don’t Care About Women’s Basketball

David Hookstead | Contributor

Fox Sports pundit and Outkick the Coverage founder Clay Travis went in on women’s college basketball Tuesday morning.

“The UConn women won their 100th straight game, and obviously it got some attention. But we haven’t even mentioned it on the show because I don’t think anybody cares. I don’t think anybody cares about women’s basketball in general. I think that certainly people don’t care that much about women’s college basketball, but where does this…it’s rare to win 100 games in a row. To me this is more of an indictment of the sport than a huge accomplishment by UConn women,” Travis said on his hit radio show “Outkick the Coverage.” (SLIDESHOW: 12 TIMES SPORTS PUNDIT KRISTINE LEAHY LOOKED ABSOLUTELY STUNNING)


UConn has been the most dominant sports team in the history of women’s sports, and their dynasty is truly remarkable. However, there is no doubt that men’s basketball will always be more popular than the UConn women, regardless of whether or not it’s an elite team or just an average team. (SLIDESHOWCelebrate College Basketball With These Sexy Cheerleaders)

There’s a reason why the men’s March Madness tournament makes billions and nobody even knows when the women’s tournament begins.

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