Scarlett Johansson Opens Up In An Upcoming Playboy Issue

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

After two failed marriages, it seems that Scarlett Johansson has decided that being in a monogamous relationship might not be for her, or anyone for that matter.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

In an interview with Playboy for their March/April 2017 issue released on Tuesday, the stunning actress said that while marriage is a “beautiful thing,” she believes that monogamy isn’t natural.

“I think the idea of marriage is very romantic; it’s a beautiful idea, and the practice of it can be a very beautiful thing,” Johansson said. “I don’t think it’s natural to be a monogamous person. I might be skewered for that, but I think it’s work. It’s a lot of work.”

“And the fact that it is such work for so many people — for everyone — the fact of that proves that it is not a natural thing,” the 32-year-old film star emphasized. “It’s something I have a lot of respect for and have participated in, but I think it definitely goes against some instinct to look beyond.”

(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Johansson recently split from her second husband, French journalist Roman Dauriac, with whom she shares a two-year-old daughter. Before that, the “Avengers” star was married to actor Ryan Reynolds.

The “Ghost in the Shell” star also believes that because marriage is a “legally binding contract,” it puts some added “weight” on any relationship.

“Being married is different than not being married, and anybody who tells you that it’s the same is lying,” Johansson said. “It changes things. I have friends who were together for 10 years and then decided to get married, and I’ll ask them on their wedding day or right after if it’s different, and it always is.”

“It’s a beautiful responsibility, but it’s a responsibility,” the actress added.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Playboy’s March/April issue goes to newsstands on February 28th.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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