Matt Damon On Trump: ‘I’m Not A Believer In Walls’

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Matt Damon said he’s “not a believer in walls” when asked about President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along America’s southern border Wednesday.

The 46-year-old actor and star of the upcoming film “The Great Wall,” slammed the president when he said he believes history belongs to the “cooperators.” Trump campaigned on the proposed wall during the general election campaign and said that he would get Mexico to “pay for it.” (RELATED: Matt Damon Slams Donald Trump During Commencement Speech [VIDEO])


“I believe that history belongs to the cooperators,” Damon responded. “Mexico is going to pay for our infrastructure any more than we’re going to pay for their highways, you know what I mean? That’s just not going to happen. But, that’s where we are and we’ll see how it all plays out.” (RELATED: Matt Damon Calls On Mich. Gov. To Resign Over Flint Water Scandal)

“Hopefully the people of Mexico understand that the people of our country, the majority of them, don’t believe that we should be putting any walls up,” he added.

Damon backed Hillary Clinton in the general election and did not hold back his thoughts about the star of “Celebrity Apprentice” running for the White House.

“I’m kind of amazed we’ve arrived at this point,” Damon said. “I’m concerned. It makes me nervous.”

“It’s a binary choice….,” he added. “There’s no way we can let this guy be the [president]. To let that dude have the nuclear football, are you kidding me? That’s dangerous. He’s impulsive and rash, and doesn’t seem to think deeply about too many things.”

“The Great Wall” hits theaters Friday.

Katie Jerkovich



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