Man Files Police Report Months After Justin Bieber Punched Him

Ford Springer | Contributor

A man claiming that Justin Bieber assaulted him has filed a police report eight months after the alleged incident took place in June.

Rodney Cannon, 34, of Las Vegas detailed the encounter that took place at a Cleveland, Ohio hotel in a report that he filed with Cleveland, police Tuesday.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Cannon claims that the “Sorry” singer took his sunglasses and punched him. He claims that Bieber’s body guard possibly threw a punch too before Cannon wrestled the pop star to the ground to restrain him, according to Page Six.

The alleged incident took place after a NBA Finals game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors on June 8. TMZ published a video at the time showing Bieber and a much larger man getting into it just outside the doors of a hotel.

Cannon’s description of the incident matches up with what can be seen in the video, but it’s unclear how the brawl began.

The June encounter is now under investigation by Cleveland police.

Ford Springer



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