Patriots Fan Hit A Grand Slam On His Super Bowl Bet With Genie Bouchard

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Professional Tennis player Genie Bouchard made good on a Super Bowl bet she made with a complete stranger Wednesday night by going out on a date with the lucky winner.

The tennis star agreed to go on a date with the New England Patriots fan if his team miraculously came back and won after trailing by 25 points in the Super Bowl to the Atlanta Falcons. Of course, the Patriots went on to make a historic comeback to win in epic fashion, and Bouchard stayed true to her word.

John Goehrke took a gamble on the Patriots when the gorgeous tennis star tweeted during the Super Bowl that she “knew Atlanta would win.” Goehrke tweeted at Bouchard asking if she’d go on a date with him in the event that the Patriots pulled of the impossible and she agreed.

The 22-year-old tennis player and 20-year-old Goehrke attended the Brooklyn Nets game at the Barclay’s center Wednesday, and Bouchard seemed pleasantly surprised with her blind date. (RELATED: Tennis Star Strips Down For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

As the couple left the game, Genie told TMZ they had an “awesome” time and a second date was a sure thing.

Goehrke even gave the gorgeous tennis star a kiss at the end of the evening. It’s probably safe to say that Patriots’ comeback meant more to him than your average New England fan.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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