Oscar Winner Pens Op-Ed Urging Hollywood To Have More ‘Outright Bias’ In Acceptance Speeches

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Screenwriter John Irving urged Hollywood to have more “outright bias” when it comes to acceptance speeches on Sunday at the Oscars.

“What is needed from Hollywood now is more ‘outright bias,'” the 74-year-old Oscar winner, wrote in an op-ed Monday for the Hollywood Reporter.¬†Oliver, who won an Oscar for writing “Cider House Rules,” said that there should be “no protocol” governing this year’s speeches at the Academy Awards and talking about President Donald Trump. (RELATED:¬†Tucker Carlson: Hollywood Is Failing Because Liberal Elites Are Out Of Touch)

LUEBECK, GERMANY - MAY 10: In this handout image supplied by Guenter Grass-Haus, John Irving speaks during a memorial service for the deceased author Guenter Grass (1927 - 2015) on May 10, 2015 in Luebeck, Germany. Grass, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1999, died of a lung infection on April 13, 2015, at the age of 87. (Photo by Guenter Grass-Haus via Getty Images)

(Photo by Guenter Grass-Haus via Getty Images)

“Examine the outright bias of President Trump; consider the sexual dinosaur that Vice President Pence is,” Irving said. “In Trump’s administration, LGBT and abortion rights are in danger. Whatever the protocol for Oscar acceptance speeches is, or was, the creative community has an obligation: to be intolerant of intolerance.”

“I hope there’s no protocol governing Oscar speeches this year — well, except for the length of the speeches,” he added. “But should the Oscar acceptance speeches be political? No, that’s not my point.”

“People who are disinclined to speak out (politically) should not be harassed,” he continued. “If there are Trump supporters, let them speak. What I’m saying is that anyone with something political to say should feel free to say it.”

“Here’s the opportunity that Oscar winners are given: a brief moment with a global audience,” he said. “It’s a small statuette, but the first time you hold it, you’re surprised by how heavy it is. What might feel heavier to Oscar winners, this year, is that we do represent (however fleetingly) a community of artists.”

“In our community, tolerance of intolerance is unacceptable,” he added. “President Trump’s intolerance is glaring. Trump isn’t worrying about presidential protocol.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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