Despite Jaw-Dropping Ending, Oscars See Low Ratings In Early Numbers

Smoke Room Staff | Contributor

A botched ending wasn’t enough to secure solid television ratings for the Academy Awards.

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According to early numbers from Nielsen, the Oscars pulled in a 21.4 rating among metered market households on Sunday night, which is nine percent lower than last year’s 23.4 rating. An estimated 34 million people watched the awards show in 2016, so that number will surely dip once final numbers are out Monday.

The Oscars lasted nearly four hours this year — the longest the show has run in almost ten years.


Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway caused a serious ruckus Sunday night when they announced the wrong winner for “Best Picture.”

It was supposed to go to “Moonlight,” but Beatty and Dunaway mistakenly opened the envelope for “Best Actress,” which went to Emma Stone in “La La Land.” (RELATED: Oscars End Ruined…)

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