‘View’ Hosts Slam Trump While Wondering Who Should Replace Him At WHCD

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

“The View” hosts slammed President Donald Trump while sharing who they think should fill in for him at the White House Correspondents Dinner after Trump tweeted he would not attend.

During the show on Monday, Whoopi Goldberg said, “the new guy said he’s not going to show up for the White House Correspondents Dinner” without mentioning the president’s name. Sarah Haines suggested that Hillary Clinton should fill in for him because “a leader” should be there. (RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Blasts Berkeley Rioters: ‘What The Hell’ [VIDEO])


“So the new guy saying, ‘I’m not going because they’re so mean to me,'” Goldberg said. “I just you know,” while she mocked the president.

“You can’t go out and say these are the ‘enemy’ of the people and then play nicely with them,” Joy Behar responded.  “When you are trying to tell people these are the enemy and now you’re playing with them. He did okay in the Alfred Smith thing.”

“He made a joke about Melania [Trump], but he actually looked like he had a little bit of a sense of humor,” she added. “So this time it’s like ‘well, I already said these are the enemies, so I have to be consistent.”

“I don’t think it’s consistency driving it,” Haines interjected. “I think it’s thin-skinned fear of what will come down on him. I think it would be really cool if Hillary Clinton came and spoke instead. I think when he opens up a space, another leader needs to come out.”

“I’d like to see Alec Baldwin come in his place, personally,” Sunny Hostin responded. “I think that would be hilarious.”

Behar then suggested all the living presidents should show up instead, “I call on you presidents of America.”

Earlier in the show, she also suggested Trump’s labeling of media as “the enemy” is just about protecting himself from trouble coming down the road for his alleged connection to Russia, something he has denied numerous times.

“He is inoculating himself against what is coming down from Russia,” Behar said. “And so by vilifying the press, by saying “it’s all fake,” by saying “don’t belive it” when all of this comes down, he can say they [media] lied.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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