Chance The Rapper To Illinois Governor: ‘Take Our Kids Off The Table’

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Chance the Rapper met with Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner Friday to talk about education issues in Chicago, but things did not go as he had hoped.

The 23-year-old rapper — whose real name is Chancellor Johnathan Bennett — left the meeting with the governor “frustrated” after the two were unable to find common ground on “funding” issues that face schools in Chicago public schools, according to a report in the Chicago Sun Times(RELATED: Chance The Rapper To Meet With Illinois Governor)

Chance The Rapper onstage at the ESPY Awards (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Chance The Rapper onstage at the ESPY Awards (Photo credit: Getty Images)

“He asked me where I thought the $215 million was supposed to come from,” the rapper said referencing money that had been earmarked for schools in a budget deal that fell through last year. “Take our kids off the table.”

“I want people to do their jobs,” he added after the meeting. “I want you all to do your jobs. If all your publications that you guys work for and the international and national publications out there, Complex, Billboard..if you guys could give a comprehensive history on how we [Chicago] ended up here.”

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“He [Rauner] gave me a lot of vague answers,” he added. “So we will see what happens. He has my personal number.”

“He told me that in 48 hours that Springfield is in session next week, so we will see,” he continued.

The meeting comes after the two shared a conversation over Twitter when the governor tweeted congratulations to the rapper following his wins at the Grammy Award show last month.


Katie Jerkovich



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