Garth Brooks Finally Releases 1992 Video For ‘We Shall Be Free’

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Garth Brooks finally released a video he made for the hit 1992 song “We Shall Be Free.”

He said he hopes that it will heal the “division” in the country. The song imagines a world without racism, hunger and homelessness, and came out after the Los Angeles riots. (RELATED: Garth Brooks Pleads For Fans To Help Louisiana Flood Victims)

Garth Brooks performs after accepting an award at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Centennial Awards in New York

(REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

“I didn’t think it would be controversial but when this song first came out, it was not welcomed with opened arms,” Brooks told People. “I guess I’m always surprised because, I guess, I’m just one of those ignorant guys who thinks that everybody kinda feels the same and, man, we don’t.” (RELATED: Garth Brooks: I Chose Family Over Fame)

“People have been requesting ‘We Shall Be Free’ a lot more recently,” he added. “Any time there is turmoil, any time there is division, we are looking for a safe place. This song is telling us, ‘We’ve all got our differences, but instead of letting it separate it, let’s revel in those differences and use them to our advantage as one.’ I truly think that 25 years later, the message has reached its mark.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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