These Two NFL Teams Could Land Johnny Manziel

David Hookstead | Reporter

Both the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints could be potential landing spots for Johnny Manziel.

Sporting News writer Eric Galko believes that both teams could give the former Cleveland Browns quarterback the chance to ease back into the NFL. (SLIDESHOWJohnny Manziel‘s Rumored Girlfriend Barely Wears Anything On Instagram)

He wrote:

I believe in the Johnny Manziel return hype. Two teams I’d watch out for as possible training camp destinations: Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints.

Writer Brian Perroni of 247Sports echoed Galko’s sentiments stating, “Both teams have established veterans at the quarterback position so there would be no pressure put on Manziel in either situation.” (SLIDESHOW: Johnny Manziel‘s Sister Loves Showing Off Lots Of Skin)

Only time will tell where Manziel lands, but both the Saints and the Packers would give him ample opportunity to learn under a great quarterback with no pressure to perform right out of the gate.

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David Hookstead



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