This ‘Westworld’ Actress Felt Empowered By Filming Naked For The Show

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Thandie Newton, who played a prostitute robot in HBO’s hit series “Westworld,” recently opened up about playing her role as a sex worker in the futuristic Western drama. Newton claimed that she felt more empowered by filming nude rather than wearing her saloon outfit while playing Maeve Millay.

“I found myself more empowered naked than I did with the saloon outfit on,” the British actress told the Daily Mail.

(Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

“I was more comfortable naked because the costume was the most potent objectification of a woman, with the boobs pushed right up, the tiny waist. It’s an invitation for sex,” Newton added of the clothes she had to wear to portray the promiscuous character.

“The fishnet tights, the little heels with the laces… It’s all about sensuality. It’s about eroticism. It’s about ‘look, but don’t touch,'” she continued. “It’s all there to make the invitation for sex as provocative as possible and then the promise of satisfaction is practically just there.”

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Newton, who doesn’t hesitate to speak about feminism or racial issues, also revealed that she used to struggle with bulimia while she was a student at Cambridge University.

“I was not perceived as the person that boys wanted to go out with. And that has a very strong effect on a young girl,” Newton said. “I was lying in bed and I remember feeling my heart against my ribcage. Because my ribs were so close to my skin it was like my heart was coming out. I thought: ‘F**k, I’m going to die.”

Newton is currently playing another empowering female character in the British television show “Line of Duty.” The 44-year-old actress plays a Senior Investigating Officer and mother of two in the police-themed show.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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