Whoopi Goldberg Threatens To Sue After ‘Fake News’ Story Spreads

Smoke Room Staff | Contributor

Whoopi Goldberg said she is going to sue the man who published a “fake news” story that said she accused Carryn Owens — the widow of the Navy SEAL who was killed during a January raid in Yemen — of seeking “attention.”

“Something came out on a fake news website about me and it endangered my family’s life and endangered my life,” Goldberg said during Monday’s episode of “The View.” “I have had for the last 20 years great relationships with vets and their wives, so when someone writes a bit of a horrible lie as this man did, he accused me of saying that the woman that was celebrated by the current president was doing it for the attention.”

“If I hadn’t been made aware of this, I could have found out about this at the end of a barrel of a gun,” she continued.


“I’m going to try to get some legislation going that says if you’re doing to involve someone in fake news, you should have their permission. Clearly, you don’t care what could have happened to me or to my family. Costa Rica’s not big enough for this lawsuit that’s coming your way.”

“Just so we’re really clear, I want these protections in place for the current president, for his family, my family. If you write something like that or write something that endangers his his family’s life, I’m just as angry at you. The fact that you don’t give a crap that it endangered me is unconscionable. I’m going to get my lawyer and I’m coming for you.”

Smoke Room Staff



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