Amy Schumer’s Netflix Special Panned As ‘Horribly Unfunny’ By Viewers

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Amy Schumer was called “horribly unfunny” and worse in the reviews section for her latest Netflix special.

Viewers did not hold back at all in their reviews of the 35-year old comedian’s “Amy Schumer: The Leather Special,” according to the Federalist. Of the 900 reviews so far, most panned the special giving it one star out of five after it’s debut a week ago. (RELATED: Amy Schumer: Donald Trump Is ‘Upsetting’)

Amy Schumer Shutterstock/Helga Esteb

Amy Schumer Shutterstock/Helga Esteb

Here were some of the comments that sum up the reviews of the show on (RELATED: Amy Schumer Says It’s Sexist When Men Tell Her Not To Do ‘Dirty Stuff’)

“I made it ten minutes into this and shut it off.”

“She’s about as funny as her uncle chuckie’s fake tears.”

“Wish I could give less than one star to this garbage.”

“Used to be a big fan, but this fell flat.”

“Wow what a stinker.”

“This is as funny as an autopsy…as graphic and unfunny as I imagine a public beheading to be.”

“Amy is 1 special away from being broke and homeless.”

“Now I have to look at Amy Schumer in full leather every time I log in.”

“What the eff happened, Amy??”

“She pauses to accommodate for the applause after the jokes. . . but there are no jokes so there is no applause.”

“It made me want to spend the day outside.”

“When your friend is telling a funny story. . . but it’s not.”

“Emmy award for worst comedy special ever.”

“Netflix better find a way to refund the Last 56 minutes of my life.”

“This just totally missed.”

“The comments are genuinely funnier than it was.”

“I’ve had migraines that were way funnier.”

“Not safe for kids, pets, or anyone really.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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