Watch Hailey Clauson Take Her Bikini Bottom Off In This Behind-The-Scenes Video

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is continuing to release behind-the-scenes videos from their photoshoots from the 2017 issue, and Hailey Clauson seems to have had one of the most creative ones.

Not only did the 2016 covergirl go topless on multiple occasions for this year’s edition of the magazine, but she also went bottomless during one of her sexy poses on the sandy beaches on Sumba Island.

This marked Hailey’s third year shooting with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and the beautiful blonde hopes to keep it going for years to come because she loves the artistic creativity behind it.

“It’s interesting about shooting swimsuits because you almost are limited and people have done a lot with it,” the California native said. “So to try to think outside of the box and create something different is really difficult.”

“It makes it more of an art piece and it’s like a photo that you’d want to hang up on your wall,” she added, rather than just another basic swimsuit photo.

Anyone who has seen the photos of Hailey from the magazine would probably have to agree.


Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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