Jedidiah Bila And Sunny Hostin Battle Over Obamacare On ‘The View’

Smoke Room Staff | Contributor

Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin argued that health insurance should be mandated like car insurance while discussing the proposed GOP health care bill on “The View” Tuesday.

Their co-host Jedidiah Bila quickly shut that argument down.

“Car insurance exists because they don’t want you to be a liability to someone else,” Bila said. “The key difference is, you don’t have to have a car. You have to have a body. If the federal government tells you by virtue of existing, you have to have health insurance, that is overreach.”


“When you don’t have health insurance, guess what?” Hostin replied. “We do pay because they get get their health insurance by going to the emergency room, which is extremely expensive. And who pays for it? The taxpayers pay for it. People need health insurance.”

“The answer to that is not more government,” Bila replied. “It is less government.”

Smoke Room Staff



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