Rapper: Shooting Trump In Video Is Artistic, But If It Was Obama ‘It Would Be Terrible’

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Rapper Ice-T said that he thinks Snoop Dogg shooting a clown dressed up as President Donald Trump in his video was just “artisitic,” but if it was Barack Obama that “would be terrible.”

On Monday night, the 59-year-old rapper and actor told TMZ  he stood behind Snoop’s latest video for “Lavender” in which he shoots at the president with a toy gun. Adding, that the president “brings a lot of these jokes on to himself.” (RELATED: Marco Rubio Slams Snoop Dogg About His Video Shooting Trump)


“It’s basically him saying everybody is a clown including Trump,” the rapper said. “Which I think we all agree. The problem is where you point the gun against the president, that’s against the law.”

“You know you got to know that, you can’t kill the president,” he added. “But he pushed the line. He had the edge going right there.”

The rapper’s friend added because it was a toy gun that shot confetti, it was artistic.

“It was artistic,” Ice-T replied. “I think he played the line right there.”

“I think it would be terrible,” he added when asked what if it was Obama instead. “Obama wasn’t the same kind of guy as Trump. It was very hard to make an Obama joke it wasn’t because of his race, it was because Obama was such a smooth character.”

“I think Trump brings a lot of these jokes on to himself,” he continued. “He’s just such a character and he acts like a clown. I think Snoop is just saying right now we all, everybody seems like a clown.”

“It’s Trump season right now. “They are going to make every joke they can about the dude, because he gives these people so much material.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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