‘The View’ Hosts Used Trump’s Tax Numbers To Get Into A Shouting Match About Health Care

Smoke Room Staff | Contributor

“The View” hosts got into a shouting match on Wednesday when Whoopi Goldberg said she thought the conversation about Donald Trump’s tax returns was a distraction from the health care debate.

“I didn’t think anything came out of this that we didn’t know,” Goldberg said. “This feels more of like a distraction from things like the disastrous Obamacare replacement that they keep trying to shove down your throat, the wiretapping claims and the possible ties to Russia. So I thought, ‘This is smoke and mirrors.’ There is other stuff that’s going on that’s more important.”


“To me, it was his effort to try and make this a non-story,” Jedidiah Bila said. “I think there are bigger issues going on. I think you’re right — people are very concerned about their health insurance. People are concerned about this GOP bill because it’s not a good alternative plan and they’re very disappointed in him if he supports that.”

“I think people are concerned about the accusations that he made in respect to wiretapping, because they’re very serious accusations he made on Twitter.”

Smoke Room Staff



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