College Coach Drops The Hammer On Entitled College Athletes

David Hookstead | Reporter

University of Connecticut women’s coach Geno Auriemma dropped the hammer on college athletes with entitled attitudes.

“I don’t want to sound like an old guy. I don’t want to sound like an old guy who’s been coaching a long time. So it’s going to come across like that, I’m sure. But recruiting enthusiastic kids is harder than it’s ever been. Because every kid watches TV and they watch the NBA or they watch Major League Baseball or whatever sport they watch, WNBA, doesn’t matter, and what they see is people just being really cool. So they think that’s how they’re going to act. And they haven’t even figured out which foot to use as a pivot foot and they’re going to act like they’re really good players,” the legendary coach told the media over the weekend. (SLIDESHOW: 12 Times Kristine Leahy Looked Absolutely Stunning)

He also added, “But I’d rather lose than watch kids play the way some kids play. I’d rather lose. And they’re allowed to get away with just whatever and they’re always thinking about themselves.” (SLIDESHOW: Celebrate College Basketball With These Cheerleaders)


That’s about as blunt as you’ll see a college coach get these days, and it certainly means a lot more given the fact it’s coming from a coach with 11 national championships.

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David Hookstead



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