Harrison Ford Explains His Dangerous Airplane Landing In Airport Tower Tape

Ford Springer | Contributor

Harrison Ford can be heard explaining his dangerous airplane landing to the tower at John Wayne Airport in which he refers to himself as the “schmuck who landed on the taxiway.”

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

The “Star Wars” star is under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration for the February landing in which he mistakenly landed on the taxiway rather than the runway. In a tape of the communications between the actor and the control tower posted by TMZ Friday, Ford can be heard immediately admitting his mistake as the pilot.

“I’m the schmuck that landed on the taxiway,” Ford began after identifying his single-engine Aviat Husky aircraft at the start of the call.

“I was distracted by the airliner, which was in — it was in when I turned to the runway and also the big turbulence from the landing airbus and the gravel runway,” Ford explained.

FAA briefs regarding the investigation say that Ford’s deviation is not uncommon for “visual reasons,” Page Six reports.

“At John Wayne Airport, the 20L runway marker is marked on the same light-colored gravel that’s used on the taxiway, even though the actual 20L runway (where Ford Was instructed to land) is composed of darker pavement,” the briefs apparently explained.

The 74-year-old is a collector of vintage planes and has a good record as an aviator, with just two exceptions now. Before the February incident, Ford had only one other mishap when he crashed a World War II-era trainer on a Los Angeles golf course in March of 2015.

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