This Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Hopes Both Trump And Pence ‘Get Impeached’

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Chrissy Teigen said she hopes both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence “get impeached.”

On Thursday, the 31-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was stopped leaving LAX by TMZ and asked who she would rather prefer run the country — Trump or Pence. She answered she didn’t like either choice. (RELATED: Chrissy Teigen Posts Completely Nude Photo For Friend’s Birthday[PHOTOS])


“Chrissy everyone is talking about getting rid of Donald Trump, but that would leave us with Mike Pence,” TMZ said to the model. (RELATED: Chrissy Teigen Calls Donald Trump’s ‘Outsider’ Platform Into Question)

“[Laughs] Hopefully they will both get impeached,” Teigen responded.

The reporter then asked her if she would be okay with Pence as president.

“No,” Teigen said. Before adding, “But more okay than a Donald.”

The model likes to criticize Trump. Last week, on the night NBC’s Rachel Maddow announced that she had obtained the president’s tax returns from 2005, she tweeted that Trump was trying to ban television now.

“Trump furiously trying to ban television right now,” Teigen tweeted.


The swimsuit model was very outspoken during the election and even appeared on stage at a campaign fundraising event speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Katie Jerkovich



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