Elderly Man Drains Free Throws, Outshines Workout Hardo Trying To Show Off

David Hookstead | Reporter

An elderly man draining free throws proved to be the hero America needed when he outshined a dude trying to do CrossFit.

Twitter user “Singlemaltfiend” posted a video of a shirtless guy with tattoos trying to do some ridiculous workout while a very elderly man was in the background minding his own business and drilling free throws. (SLIDESHOW: Celebrate College Basketball With These Cheerleaders)

He captioned the video, “Bearded douche w/a a rib tattoo doing something unnecessarily athletic, outshined by senior draining free throws.”


There’s possibly no worse kind of people than the CrossFit niche who do exercises that make no sense, and we all know they only do it so they can brag about it.

Save that garbage for somebody else because I’m taking the elderly guy with a silky smooth free throw shot everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. (SLIDESHOW: 12 Times Kristine Leahy Looked Absolutely Stunning)

There might be no better video for this situation than Jim Rome’s “Gym Guy” hot take.

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David Hookstead



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