Absolutely LOVE This Auburn Softball Player Acting Tough In The Handshake Line

David Hookstead | Contributor

Florida Gators softball coach Tim Walton and Auburn Tigers player Haley Fagan got into a heated exchange Monday night following the Gators victory.

Walton went through the handshake line and appeared to slightly bump Fagan’s shoulder when he attempted to give her a high five. Fagan did the only thing reasonable, which of course was totally overreact and push the Gators coach. She then got even more confrontational and exchanged words with him in a heated fashion. (SLIDESHOW: Celebrate College Basketball With These Cheerleaders)


Absolutely amazing exchange. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, better in sports than athletes and coaches acting tough when they know there is zero chance it gets physical. There’s a reason nobody pulls a stunt like that in hockey, and it’s because it’d result in bloodshed.

The contact with Fagan appeared to be entirely incidental, but she behaved like she took a bullet to the shoulder. Had to get big and mean knowing fully well there was not a chance on this planet Walton would do anything.

Hilarious from start to finish. Perhaps the best part is when she tried to go back at him after her entire team is separating her. Well done, Fagan. You’ve succeeded in convincing nobody that you’re a person best not to be messed with.

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David Hookstead



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