Rachel Dolezal Criticizes Trump: ‘Rich, White Male In Power…’

Smoke Room Staff | Contributor

Rachel Dolezal doesn’t like having a “rich white male” as president.

(Photo: Splash News)

Dolezal, who was the president of a NAACP branch until her parents publicly admitted she was white in 2015, criticized Donald Trump in an interview about her recently published memoir, “Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.”

“It just seems like during [President Donald] Trump’s presidency, I expect race, power, and privilege is going to be amplified at every turn,” Dolezal said during an interview with NBC News. “I think it’s a little unpredictable what topics and issues that he’s going to make the biggest impact on with his administration, but from the attorney general, just a lot of Cabinet is really so disappointing.”

“Once again, we have a white male, rich white male, in our power structure.”

(Photo: Splash News)

When asked what the issue she thinks the administration should focus on, Dolezal said, “Maybe, they should not focus on anything. Maybe they can take a break and four years later, we can pick things back up.”

Smoke Room Staff



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