Say Hello To The Serbian Supermodel On Maxim Magazine’s April Cover

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Serbian stunner Bojana (Bo) Krsmanovic is blowing up in the modeling industry.

The beautiful brunette recently appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for her second time and now she’s set to grace the cover of the April issue of Maxim Magazine.

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Maxim released a behind-the-scenes video of Bo’s photo shoot for the cover story, and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

The 25-year-old beauty knew she wanted to be a model at a young age, but didn’t really get started until she was 21 and moved in Los Angeles.

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“I thought I was in a movie. It’s the same in real life,” she told Maxim. “Before that I was thinking maybe I’m not going to succeed, but [when I got to the U.S.] I was more motivated than ever. The more successful I am, the more I see that everything is possible.”

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Bo also admitted that she used to be shy about barely wearing clothes during photoshoots, but now she’s used to it.

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“Now it’s normal…now I can be more free with myself. I can change clothes in front of my girlfriends. I am like, I am fine with it; people see me naked all the time.”


Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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