These Australian Surfer Bros Know How To Handle A Flood

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

As Cyclone Debbie was ravaging the north-east coast of Australia causing massive floods and power outages to tens of thousands of homes some seriously dedicated surfers headed out into the storm.

News 7 Australia captured footage of the storm chasers, but they weren’t catching your everyday wave.

“Clearly the owner of that vehicle — it’s not his pride and joy — because I don’t know why he’d be driving a vehicle like that in flood waters,” one news anchor said.

“I asked that very question and a simple answer that it’s for a bit of fun,” the on-scene reporter responded. “They seem to think that they know what they’re doing — that they can handle these conditions, but as authorities are warning you don’t know what’s underneath the water, you don’t know how quickly the water can rise.”

“The best advice is to not do this,” she continued. “In fact, stay at home if you can.”

Another group of surfers was seen riding a rapid made by the flood waters, which looked to be a little more risky than surfing behind a car.

Clearly these guys know what they’re doing though and they seem to be handling the dangers of the water just fine.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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