Did Scottie Pippen Just Take Another Subtle Jab At Michael Jordan?

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Scottie Pippen said that Russell Westbrook is having the greatest single performance in a season ever this year — perhaps better than any one of Michael Jordan’s seasons while they played together for the Chicago Bulls.

Pippen joined ESPN’s “The Jump” on Thursday where he agreed with host and former NBA player Tracy McGrady that the Oklahoma City Thunder guard is having an MVP worthy season at the least.

(Photo credit: BRIAN BAHR/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: BRIAN BAHR/AFP/Getty Images)

“If I’m looking at Westbrook, there’s no way I can knock it if he gets the MVP alone. I can’t knock that,” McGrady said. “This may be the greatest single season performance we’ve ever seen.”

“It’s the greatest I’ve ever seen,” Pippen added.

The longtime Bulls’ forward has always had somewhat of a little-brother complex to Michael Jordan, but it’s hard to blame him having to play in the shadow of the greatest basketball player of all time. However, that could be part of the reason he’s siding with Westbrook on this argument.

(Photo credit: VINCENT LAFORET/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: VINCENT LAFORET/AFP/Getty Images)

Before Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City for the Golden State Warriors it was his team, not Westbrook’s. Pippen recently compared the Thunder point guard’s situation to his own when Jordan retired and left the Chicago team to him.

“I was the happiest man alive,” Pippen said. “I got a chance to be the man for a change. It’s something you embrace as a player, especially when you’re in a position where you’re probably not going to get that spotlight like myself playing with Michael. So when he retired, I was very happy.”

(Photo credit: JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images)

Jordan averaged 35.0 points, 5.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 3.2 steals, and 1.6 blocks. The next season he posted more-balanced but equally impressive averages of 32.5 points, 8.0 rebounds, 8.0 assists, 2.9 steals, and 0.8 blocks per game.

Westbrook is currently on pace to average a triple-double in the regular season. By the numbers, that’s better than Jordan, and Pippen is taking the numbers over his former teammate.

Ford Springer

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