Tina Fey Mocks President Trump At ACLU Event

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Tina Fey reportedly mocked President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence at an ACLU telethon Friday night.

The 46-year-old former “Saturday Night Live” cast member talked about the president’s looks and joked about him giving up sexually assaulting women for Lent during her stand-up act, according to the Hill. (RELATED: Thrilla In Wasilla — Sarah Palin GOES HARD At Dems, Tina Fey And The CIA)

Tina Fey calls Oscars bullshit

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“You know the president and I have two things in common: One, neither of us has any business wearing khakis with a shirt tucked in, and two, we’re both very upset about the amount of fake news out in the world right now,” Fey said. “So, you know don’t let any website tell you that the ACLU stands for Anti Christian Lesbian Underground. It’s the American Christian Lesbian Underground.”

The actress then went after the president with a joke about sexual assault that drew boos and jeers from the crowd.

“Earlier tonight, in what is surely an April Fools’ joke, the president proclaimed that next month will be National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month,” Fey told the crowd. “So now we know what he gave up for Lent. That’s good.”

The comedian also made fun of the vice president after he said this week that he never eats alone with a woman without his wife present.

“Luckily, Mike Pence isn’t allowed to go down and shut Planned Parenthood unless his wife goes with him,” Fey said. “So, if we can just keep Karen busy scrapbooking, we can all still get Pap smears.”

Katie Jerkovich



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