Chelsea Handler Thanks ‘F***ing Loser’ Donald Trump For Bringing Country Together

Smoke Room Staff | Contributor

Chelsea Handler thinks Donald Trump is “a fucking loser.”

The left-leaning comedian, who threatened to leave the country if Trump was elected, criticized the president’s autobiography “Art of the Deal” as she gave a speech at the Young Literati Toast in Los Angeles Saturday night.

“I was the youngest of six kids and my parents were big readers,” Handler began. “They made me read because they thought I was going to be pretty and you have to back that up. I was so excited about being pretty, I was, like, ‘Sure, I’ll read.'”

(Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Fortune)

“I was browsing through the books in the library and came across a book that would change the course of my life forever,” she continued. “The story of this man’s struggles, successes and setbacks were exactly what I needed because of the impact it has made in my life.”

“I think the way we have come together is so inspiring. I would have hoped that would have happened before the election, but I’ll fucking take it because it’s so much better to be friends with people you would never talk to before just because we all know that Donald Trump is a fucking loser.”

Smoke Room Staff



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