Romanian Model Aleexandra Kefren Auctioned Off Her Virginity For Nearly $2.5 Million

Ford Springer | Reporter

Romanian Model Aleexandra Kefren made headlines when she revealed her plans to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. Now an anonymous business man from Hong Kong has offered her $2.45 million for the opportunity.

Aleexandra got the idea after watching “Indecent Proposal,” a movie about a girl who sells herself for $1 million a night. “I thought, hmm, maybe I can do this, too, with my virginity,” she told “This Morning” in a recent interview.

Kefren made the deal with the anonymous man through Cinderella Escorts, which specializes in these kind of high-cost arrangements and call themselves “the world’s most famous escort service.” They will make about $500,000 off 20% of the deal they helped Kefren secure, the New York Post reports.

The 18-year-old model plans to use the money to pay for her education and has hopes of studying business and marketing at Oxford University.

She also plans to buy her parents a house, although they don’t approve of what she’s doing to get the money, according to the New York Post.

Ford Springer



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