Rory McIlroy Reveals Why He Decided To Play Golf With Donald Trump

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Rory McIlroy said that he would “think twice” about accepting an invitation to play golf with Donald Trump again after receiving internet backlash for playing with the president in February.

McIlroy insisted that the round had nothing to do with politics but was an opportunity he didn’t want to pass up — at least the first time. The professional golfer said he decided to accept the invitation for experience, but wouldn’t be quick to do it again after the negative backlash he received.


“Whenever an invitation or a request comes my way, I don’t want to say I jump at the chance, but at the same time, you know, to see the Secret Service, to see the scene, I mean, that’s really what I was going for,” McIlroy explained at a press conference on Tuesday. (RELATED: Rory McIlroy Is Catching A Lot Of Heat For Playing Golf With Donald Trump)

McIlroy and the president played together at Trump International Golf Club at Mar-a-Lago in February. He offered his comments about his round with the president during a press conference in Augusta, Georgia ahead of the 2017 Masters Tournament.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

“I mean, there was not one bit of politics discussed in that round of golf,” McIlroy continued. “He was more interested talking about the grass that he just put on the greens. But, yeah, look, it’s a difficult one. I felt I would have been making more of a statement if I had turned it down. It’s not a tough place to be put in, but it was a round of golf and nothing more.”

“Would I do it again? After the sort of backlash I received, I’d think twice about it,” he added.

The 27-year-old golfer has one every major in professional golf with the exception of the Masters. We’ll just have to wait and see if this year is the one for McIlroy.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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