Madonna Takes A Jab At Pepsi For Its Kendall Jenner Protest Ad

Ford Springer | Contributor

Madonna has joined the ranks of celebrities criticizing Pepsi for its commercial featuring Kendall Jenner which some saw as an appropriation of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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After the backlash, the soda company pulled the ad Wednesday and apologized to anyone it may have offended. (RELATED: Accused Of Being Too Nice To Cops, Pepsi Yanks Kendall Jenner Protest Ad)

Madonna, who had her own Pepsi commercial pulled back in 1989, took a jab at Pepsi with posts on Twitter and Instagram Wednesday afternoon.

“When you wake up and realize that Shit just really doesn’t make sense!.” the 58-year-old pop singer said in one post. “Side Note: My Pepsi commercial was pulled 30 years ago because I was kissing a black saint! #ironic,” she added.

She later posted an old photo of herself holding a Coca-Cola can and captioned it with nothing but a gold medal emoji, clearly suggesting that Pepsi’s competitor is number one for a reason.

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Madonna’s 1989 Pepsi ad featured the singer’s hit song “Like A Prayer,” and although the ad itself wasn’t controversial, the music video for the song was. The “Like A Prayer” video, which featured cross-burning and Madonna kissing a black saint, was released a day after the Pepsi ad ran, and it caused such an outrage they decided to pull the ad.

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