Schwarzenegger Slams Trump: Taking Money From ‘Kids Is Not Making America Great’

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Arnold Schwarzenegger went after President Donald Trump on Wednesday accusing him of taking money “away from the children and robbing them blind.”

Trump’s budget proposal would cut the Department of Education’s budget by 13.5 percent — $9.2 billion total.

During a CNN town hall discussion, the former governor of California told Van Jones that he wasn’t a “Trump Republican, that’s why I didn’t vote for him.” (RELATED: Arnold Schwarzenegger: I Won’t Be Back)


“The only thing is, what I think ticked him off is, is the fact that I didn’t vote for him,” Schwarzenegger said. “That I came out and said I am not going to vote for him and I would urge others not to vote for him. So, I think that ticked him off and the reason why I didn’t want to vote for him is simply along the issue that he wanted to bring coal back.”

He said Trump was trying to “balance the budget on the back of the kids.”

“We are not going to let anyone take that money away because this is what helps kids,” Schwarzenegger said. “He has talked so much about making America great, but taking $1.2 billion away from the kids is not making America great.”

During a summit in Southern California on Wednesday, Schwarzenegger questioned why Trump would cut after-school programs.

“Why does the president of the United States cut after school programs and cut from the kids out of the budget $1.2 billion,” Schwarzenegger said. “President Trump promised us he wants to ‘make America great again.’ That’s not how you make America great, by taking $1.2 billion dollars away from the children and robbing them blind.”

“Why would he do that?” he added. “Why would he want to balance the budget on the backs of those kids?” Kids are the most vulnerable citizens.”

Katie Jerkovich



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