Shia LaBeouf Loses His Mind On Bowling Alley Bartender, Gets Thrown Out

Ford Springer | Contributor

Shia LaBeouf got kicked out of a bowling alley in Los Angeles Wednesday night after losing his mind on a bartender and throwing an tantrum.

The 30-year-old actor was at Pinz drinking for several hours before he flipped out and began shouting explicitly at the bartender after he apparently refused to serve him French fries. Obviously, LaBeouf didn’t take it too well, as you can see in the videos obtained by TMZ.

The “Man Down” actor can be heard shouting at the bartender claiming he threatened to hit him with a Grey Goose bottle over an argument about the French fries. LaBeouf continued screaming at the bartender as he was escorted out of the restaurant of the bowling alley and onto the street.

LaBeouf has recently been in the news for his organization of a Trump protest exhibit. The protest involved a live-stream of a “He Will Not Divide Us” flag that was supposed to run continuously throughout Donald Trump’s presidency.

LaBeouf and other participants have had to relocate the site of the live-stream a handful of times due to various disruptions. The “He Will Not Divide Us” demonstration’s latest site was in the city of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

It seems that Shia is back in the states and causing a different kind of trouble now.

Ford Springer



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