Scarlett Johansson Criticizes Ivanka Trump For Being ‘Uninspired’ And ‘Cowardly’ In Her White House Role

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Scarlett Johansson mocked Ivanka Trump on “Saturday Night Live” back in March, and now the actress is outright criticizing her for her new role at the White House.

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Johansson’s “SNL” skit took aim at Ivanka with an advertisement for a fake perfume called “Complicit,” with the tagline: “The fragrance for the woman who could stop all this, but won’t.”

Ivanka Trump responded to the skit in an interview on Wednesday with Gayle King, saying that she often disagrees with her father, but prefers to address her concerns with the president in private. (RELATED: Ivanka Trump Responds to Accusations She’s ‘Complicit’)

“I think there are multiple ways to have your voice heard,” she said in the interview on CBS. “In some cases, it’s through protest and it’s through going on the nightly news and talking about or denouncing every issue on which you disagree with. Other times it is quietly and directly and candidly.”

Johansson was quick to disagree with Trump’s approach in her new role as assistant to the president and criticized her for the “baffling” comments during the Women in the World Summit in New York City on Thursday, Page Six reports.

“I thought to myself, ‘Well, that’s empowering,'” Johansson said sarcastically. “How old-fashioned, you know, this idea that behind a great man is a great woman. What about being in front of that person or next to that person?”

“It’s such an old-fashioned concept that to be a powerful woman you can’t appear to be concerned,” Johansson added. “Screw that, it’s so old-fashioned, it’s so uninspired and actually really cowardly.”

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

“She has an opportunity to really make a big impact just by being vocal,” Johansson said, but thus far she’s been “disappointing.”

The 32-year-old actress believes that in order for Ivanka to be effective in her role, she needs to speak out rather than discuss her concerns with her father in private. “If you take a job as a public advocate, then you must advocate publicly,” she declared.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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