Kendall Jenner ‘Laying Low’ Until The Pepsi Commercial Controversy Blows Over

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Kendall Jenner is apparently having a tough time dealing with the criticism of her Pepsi commercial that was pulled from the air last week.

Kendall Jenner walks the catwalk at the Alexandre Vauthier Fashion show, Paris Fashion Week. (Photo: TeamB/Splash News)

(Photo credit: TeamB/Splash News)

Jenner starred in the commercial, which was criticized for appropriating the Black Lives Matter movement and suggesting that police brutality is a problem easily solved with a Pepsi. Much of the backlash was aimed at the 21-year-old model, and it seems that she hasn’t taken it lightly. (RELATED: ‘SNL’ Mocks That Jenner-Pepsi Social Justice Ad)

“Kendall is still not happy about the controversy,” a source told People magazine. “She plans on laying low until things calm down. She still talks about it a lot and has support from her family,” the source added.

Jenner’s family has been at the center of plenty of controversy over the years, but Kendall herself has never had to deal with people coming after her specifically. (RELATED: How Pepsi Alienated The Entire Country With One Ad)

A “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” source said she has been in constant communication with her mom and her sisters over the past week. “Everyone is being very supportive and ready to give advice. Kendall is young and certainly not used to being involved in such controversy,” they added.

The source revealed that Kendall feels terrible about how the commercial was received. She was excited to land the Pepsi campaign for her modeling career and looked forward to the release and the source added that she hopes “people understand that she wasn’t involved in the creative process.”

Kendall Jenner walks the catwalk at the Alexandre Vauthier Fashion show, Paris Fashion Week. (Photo: Splash News)

(Photo credit: Splash News)

“Kendall loves modeling,” the source said. “She just wants to do a good job. She has no desire to be a part of something controversial.”

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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