Fly Fishing May Not Be Her Strong Suit, But This Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Is A Catch

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Professional surfer Bruna Schmitz embraced the outdoors for her first ever photo shoot with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue back in 2011.

The Brazilian model had never heard of the magazine before she accepted the job, but it’s easy to see why Sports Illustrated sought the South American stunner out. SI released a video of her sporty photo shoot on Wednesday showing Bruna in action and the results were breathtaking.

Not only was Schmitz unfamiliar with the magazine, but she also tried something new for her photo shoot. Sports Illustrated took the blonde beauty all the way up to Canada to photograph her fly fishing, which she had never done before.

Although she didn’t really get the hang of it, the photographs turned out pretty well and the behind-the-scenes video that just released isn’t bad either.

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Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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